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Landes is located in First Hill, Seattle’s oldest residential neighborhood which, prior to this project, had not seen any significant new residential development in years. With a central location, excellent transit access and a site that allowed for potential views, we saw a great opportunity here in an underdeveloped area. We teamed with NBBJ architects to create a light, bright and open modern design for the building, with simple, clean aesthetics that were respectful to the neighborhood fabric. To support the residential character of the street and the neighborhood, we also ensured the development was much smaller in scale than what zoning allowed. Local retailers were then courted and secured prior to construction completion.

Landes opened at a challenging time for a lease-up with an economy in recession, unemployment rising rapidly and a late fall opening in a rainy city. However, like Seattle’s first female mayor that the building is named for, Bertha Knight Landes (1926-1928), the Harbor team was not daunted by these issues. Landes opened with a tremendous reception, leasing to 90% only six months after opening.